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BrightAdvisor® Partnership Team


BrightAdvisor® , Managing Partner

Certified Tax Professional

MPI® Certified Advisor

Scott is Managing Partner of BrightWealth® and principal advisor for BrightAdvisor®.  Scott is host of The BrightWealth® Show and publishes financial education videos and workshops. 


Scott's speciality is financial planning and tax strategies for High Net-worth Households and growing businesses.


BrightAgent™, Senior Partner

Certified Tax Professional
MPI® Certified Advisor

Porter is a Senior Partner at BrightWealth®, President, and BrightAgent™. Porter is host of the show Maximum Income™’.   Porter works to unlock a prosperous retirement for hardworking professionals.


Porter's speciality is leveraging tax advantaged strategies to maximize your future income, providing tax-free growth.


Chief Operating Officer
Senior Partner

Chris is the chief operating officer of BrightWealth® and managed the day to day operation here at BrightAdvisor®.  Contact Chris for all operations, finance, accounting, and contracting questions.  


Chris's background is in finance, graduating from Arizona State University in Finance (Go Devils!) and working for Vanguard for nearly a decade. 

BIO - Chris Hale


BrightAdvisor® , Partner

Certified Tax Professional

MPI® Certified Advisor

Dedicated financial strategist with an MBA in finance and a heart for female entrepreneurs. Specializing in holistic financial planning, I guide women towards their business and personal financial goals.


Passionate about providing tailored life insurance solutions for families and businesses. Let's shape your financial future together.


Connect with me to explore possibilities! 🚀 #WomenInFinance #EntrepreneurEmpowerment