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Hi, I am Amy White ...

Amy White is a highly accomplished financial professional with a passion for helping women thrive in the world of entrepreneurship. With an MBA in business and a deep understanding of the complexities of both personal and business finance, Amy is dedicated to guiding her clients towards financial success and security.


Comprehensive Financial Guidance

Amy's approach is rooted in holistic financial planning. She understands that entrepreneurship encompasses both personal and business financial aspects. By taking a comprehensive view of her clients' financial lives, she is able to develop strategies that address short-term needs and long-term aspirations. Her expertise covers a wide spectrum of financial services, including investment planning, retirement strategies, tax optimization, and estate planning.


Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

A staunch advocate for economic empowerment, Amy has honed her skills to serve a unique clientele—female entrepreneurs. She recognizes the challenges and opportunities that women face in the business landscape and is committed to providing guidance that aligns with their specific financial goals. Through her personalized advisory services, Amy empowers her clients to build, protect, and grow their wealth while navigating the complexities of running a business.

Life Insurance Expertise


Recognizing the importance of safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances, Amy specializes in life insurance solutions. She assists her clients in selecting the right policies that offer protection for their families and businesses. Her in-depth knowledge of the insurance landscape enables her to guide clients through the intricacies of policy selection, ensuring they have the coverage they need to secure their legacies.
Client-Centric Approach
Amy's clients frequently praise her for her unwavering commitment to their success. She takes the time to listen, understand individual circumstances, and tailor her recommendations accordingly. Her empathetic and approachable demeanor creates a comfortable environment for clients to openly discuss their financial aspirations and concerns.

Speaker and Educator


Beyond her one-on-one advisory work, Amy is a sought-after speaker and educator. She frequently hosts workshops, seminars, and webinars focused on financial literacy, investment strategies, and entrepreneurial financial empowerment. Through these platforms, she strives to equip women with the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their financial destinies.

Amy White's journey is characterized by her dedication to reshaping the financial landscape for female entrepreneurs. With her exceptional academic background, extensive expertise, and genuine passion for her clients' success, Amy continues to be a driving force in helping women achieve their financial dreams while navigating the exciting world of entrepreneurship.


BrightWealth® publishes financial education videos and hosts live events, while as a BrightAgent™, I work to provide top-tier financial strategies that can unlock a prosperous retirement future for hardworking professionals.


My area of expertise lies in leveraging tax advantaged strategies to maximize your future income potential, providing an avenue for tax-free growth, and mitigating risk for those in the wealth-building phase of their lives.


Over the years, our team has helped millions of people with our content, trained thousands of professionals on finance, performed hundreds of workshops for companies, and provided financial education for hundreds of thousands of people online.


My goal every day is to make sure my clients feel heard, and that they are taking advantage of every tax wealth strategy available.


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Amy is Your Personal Financial Strategists

Let me go to work for you and design a strategy to reduce your taxes, protect your estate, and put more money in your pocket.  You are a good candidate if you have a High Networth with high annual gains , High W-2 Income Earner, facing 1 time or annual big capital Gains. Schedule a planning session to explore how we can help you. 

Tax Loop Hole Strategy for High Income Earners 100%
Actively Traded Investments 100%
Crypto Strategy and Portfolio Design 100%
Financial & Wealth Training 100%
Interactive 24/7 Financial Planning 100%
Mega Solo 401(k) Design 100%
Tax Free Growth Strategies 100%
Large Capital Gains Tax Savings Strategies 100%